Cheese Louise @cheeselouise

The Cheese Mongrels

Tamara Krieger

Tamara started Cheese Louise because of her passion for cooking, and brought her knowledge of food and service into the spot light. As the primary purchaser and operations manager at Cheese Louise, Tamara ensures that there are beautiful things to see and purchase around the store and that there are friendly staff there to serve you with a smile on their face.

Kyla Haren

Kyla loves good food and wine and is a self proclaimed garbage disposal. Her hard work and love of people keep this store running! When not playing at Cheese Louise she spends her time designing clothing and looking at pictures of kittens.

Bill Krieger ACS CCP

Bill and his wife Tamara began Cheese Louise almost on accident. Aren't you thankful that they did?! Bill is a wealth of knowledge and has an unmatched passion for learning and adventure. Bill is a co-owner of the store and consults in the cheese department while also working closely with many wineries. Bill likes to say he is retired, but he works way too hard for that.